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My name is Nora-Maria Langelage. With tailwind from the City of Berlin, a couple of intermediate stations that life sometimes bring about and after having completed my arts studies I have finally arrived in Nordfriesland.

On my ways I have frequently experienced that in daily routine people very often lose sight off the head and front but also for the original and the endearing. Increasing demands very rarely leave room for individuality and personality. With KUESTENEHRZ I therefore would like to recreate scope for development and more personal well-being.

It’s my concern to bond my dedication to fashion and art. I’d like to dare a leap and create things that bring joy, both to my own life as well as to other people’s lives.

The true
vocation of man
is to find



Garments by KUESTENHERZ bear an unmistakable trademark. The unique items are refined as possible by hand, each one being part of a limited collection. With each garment you will purchase a unique item – wrapped luxuriously in a stylish gift box and endowed with a special accessory from Sylt.

The idea is to design a piece of garment which is unique, being very comfortable and expressing the uniqueness of the person wearing it.

Clothes and fashion should bring about joy and bring to life the various facets of the personality. Fashion should be as innovative as necessary to self-redesign and as simple as necessary in order not to feel disguised. Fashion should be a way to express ourselves and give us a feeling of home and well-being in everyday life. My home is the North Sea coast where I feel free, safe and grounded; feelings I would like to enjoy every day, even with my clothes!

We attach great importance to the manufacture and processing of our products and the use of eco-friendly and natural materials. The refinement of our garments with accessories and textile colours must meet stringent limits regarding unwanted residues and skin-friendliness. Our awareness for quality regarding the selection of dyes and fabrics is oriented along the lines of Oeko-Tex-Standard 100 – Product Class 1 – being a safety standard with respect to health and nature Control Union und Soil Association, Global Organic Textile Standard and Fair Wear supervising ethical trade and fairness with people involved.

Our awareness for quality and responsibility particularly when it comes to health and nature is safeguarded on every level with firm conviction and we commit ourselves to comply with these high standards at all times.

Mode Geschenk Verpackung
Winter Collection
Mode Grey Session
Mode Grey Hut
Fashion Hate Snow

of Teaching Art

Art means more than just "drawing"; the pedagogy of teaching art is an important contribution to character and personality development.

Art and in particular the own artistic-creative development forms tolerance and open-mindedness for new and sometimes yet unknown conceptions of life. Creativity is characterized by the courage to pursue own ways and possibilities of artistic expression and to daringly search for the individual path to the inner creative potential. It is a great joy to accompany people on their way, intrigued by art as a means for personal expression, and to motivate them to discover and develop their own creativity.

We offer art workshops for individuals or groups within the framework of children, youth and adult education and we are interested in taking up new projects in schools, public institutions and companies. Experienced in museum pedagogy, art pedagogy, art therapy as well as inclusive activities we would be happy to provide consulting and to create the perfect setting for your new creative experience.

Cap mit Kinderzeichnung


Photographs by KUESTENHERZ are characterized by the uniqueness of the moment...

"A photographic portrait is a picture of someone who knows they are being photographed. A 'sitting' in an exchange of emotions. The picture emerges when these emotions meet." (Richard Avedon)

...and are genuine.

The amalgamation of light and space to form an entity is the decisive basis to demonstrate people’s personality and individuality in all its simplicity. The empathic contact between the photographer and they who are being photographed is essential when it comes to generate open and authentic looks. The art of photography– despite all advantages digital photography and a quick picture can offer - still lies in the attentiveness towards space and content, the seemingly unimportant details of the moment. Thus, the picture gains meaning and significance. Then it will be of artistic value and becomes a small work of art.

Being portrayed in a photograph by KUESTENHERZ you should be able to recognize yourself and also like yourself. You should hold in your hands fond memories of one unique moment.

Do not hesitate to contact us and please let us know your ideas and wishes.

Wilde Frau
Lachen II

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You want more information about KUESTENHERZ or the other offers – send us an email. I sign immediately personally.

Thank you for your interest!

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